Revolutionizing the EPOD industry

NordicEPOD’s new generation of EPODs are designed specifically for the requirements of a harsher Nordic climate with a focus on green production and standardisation.

Hall overview

Standardised design is paramount. This makes us an attractive supplier that will be deliver affordable EPODs quicker than what is normal in the market.


Our unique customer portal will give our customers an online and intuitive status report, that will enable our partners to fully review their EPODs from production start through assembly, testing and transportation.
We believe that a standardised design is adding value to our partners. Each EPOD leaving the factory will be function tested following the highest standards.

Pod wireframe
Designed and assembled in Norway

The EPODs are manufactured in Norway according to Norwegians rules and regulations, designed for environmental sustainability and survival in the harsh weather and climate in the Nordics.


The EPOD is a self-contained unit with no extra parts necessary. It is based on well proven components that benefit the operational stability of the EPODs. The is 3rd party verified for both low and medium voltage.

How does it work

An EPOD is a large module with a transformer, a UPS and a bank of batteries that can supply up to 2 MW of electricity for a period, to secure the operation of critical infrastructure like data centres. The EPOD is connected between the high voltage grid and the critical infrastructure.

Pod workPod details

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