Who are we

NordicEPOD design and build EPODs for data centers. We are a subsidiary of CTS Nordics AS that has designed and built data centers internationally since 1997.

The CTS Nordics group of companies

We are proud to represent our cooperating partners. Together our goal is to deliver the best solutions in the market.

The CTS Nordics Group

Since 1997, CTS has been a Design & Build specialist in the European Data Centre industry. Now, CTS Nordics AS proudly brings that expertise to the Scandinavian region.

Gapit Nordics

Gapit Nordics delivers products and services in the gap between IT and automation. They have been delivering open-source information management systems (IMS) since 2016 and take great pride in providing an open solution to their customers, giving them control back.

G.T. Nordics

G.T. Nordics specializes in manufacturing electrical distribution, control boards and panels. The founders have many years of experience in the business. With a deep understanding of customer needs, G.T. Nordics provides comprehensive support from planning to delivery of high-quality products.

GT Nordics AS